[2001] Zen Meditations – Gerald Jay Markoe [FLAC]



[2001] Zen Meditations – Gerald Jay Markoe [FLAC]

Estava procurando algumas músicas para relaxar e encontrei esse maravilhoso álbum do músico Gerald Jay Markoe, claro que nem todas as músicas são boas, mas só duas delas já vale por um álbum inteiro de 60 minutos. Abaixo está minha avaliação das melhores músicas.



1º) Colocado: Mindfulness;

2º) Colocado: Awakening;

3º) Colocado: Clarity.


Músicas do Álbum:

01 – Entry into the Way – 4:36 – Gerald Jay Markoe

02 – Mindfulness – 4:51 – Gerald Jay Markoe

03 – Awakening – 6:52 – Gerald Jay Markoe

04 – Non Duality – 5:01 – Gerald Jay Markoe

05 – Matter and Emptiness – 4:30 – Gerald Jay Markoe

06 – Knowing and Being – 4:27 – Gerald Jay Markoe

07 – Realization – 4:06 – Gerald Jay Markoe

08 – The Primordial Cosmic Buddha – 6:10 – Gerald Jay Markoe

09 – In the Silence Between Thoughts – 6:04 – Gerald Jay Markoe

10 – Enlightenment – 5:48 – Hobart Dotson / Gerald Jay Markoe / Sun Ra

11 – Clarity – 4:56 – Gerald Jay Markoe

12 – Naturalness – 3:47 – Gerald Jay Markoe



[2001] Zen Meditations [FLAC]



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5378f145a3563c6a0d1e759ea596ec04 *03 Awakening.flac
6a73e44ee09133a58e8a202a747a975a *04 Non-Duality.flac
19b1738f0cb8a930b8ec800820b82942 *05 Matter and Emptiness.flac
a86a5a123d4124f417e4612813f851ba *06 Knowing and Being.flac
c0b0fabf559de352a448dfd10593fe55 *07 Realization.flac
8733f6372f2d52d9cf3d6fd7564e8af0 *08 The Primordial Cosmic Buddha.flac
16925b3a8380a9e5eabfadf1844edc04 *09 In the Silence Between Thoughts.flac
fdd11becea7900d66a9d2bef45bee6c2 *10 Enlightenment.flac
20342c63b57024be23bc22e36e4ad7ec *11 Clarity.flac
4556a50a6434de49255f97b901017c12 *12 Naturalness.flac
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In Asian countries, the hypnotic, haunting music that accompanies Buddhist activities has been around for centuries. Buddhist music (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and otherwise) existed long before the advent of recording technology, and it continues to evolve in the 21st century. One of the CDs that puts a modern spin on Buddhist music is Gerald Jay Markoe‘s instrumental Zen Meditations. Markoe isn’t from an Asian country — he was born and raised in the U.S. — and this album isn’t Asian music in the traditional sense. Markoe is considered a new age/ambient artist, although Zen Meditations is heavily influenced by the traditional Buddhist music of Asian countries. The album has a Buddhist theme (specifically, Zen Buddhism), and Markoe employs traditional Asian instruments (bells, gongs, Tibetan bowls, bamboo flutes) as well as synthesizers. The adjectives that describe traditional Buddhist music — haunting, tranquil, hypnotic — could easily be used to describe the new age/ambient/Asian hybrid that Markoe offers on this CD. As its title indicates, Zen Meditations was recorded with meditation in mind; in fact, Markoe‘s liner notes read like a how-to manual on the subject. But Zen Meditations doesn’t necessarily have to be used for that purpose, and the music is quite enjoyable regardless of whether or not you practice Zen Buddhism.

Alex Henderson

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